Evening Star 9F real steam locomotive 5 “inches

After the sale of more than 600 real steam locomotives since 2012, the company is in the making of a total capacity. Kingsscale undisputed market leader at 5 and 7 1/4 inch real steam models.


In six years, three hundred and fifty customers have acquired our models and their desire to buy is unbroken. This documents satisfaction with the quality and value of the models we offer.

Of these three hundred and fifty customers, a further 250 models were firmly ordered. Many customers became avid collectors of our locomotives and own 3, 4 or up to a dozen of our locomotives.

Our models are operated on many club facilities worldwide. In some clubs, 5 or more members have models of ours. And their numbers continue to rise.

We are happy to support this beautiful hobby in the coming years with great models.

The 9F class represents the latest in a series of English BR standard locomotives designed by R. A. Riddles and his team. This heavy freight train is considered to have been very successful and has a pulling power of approx. 18 tons.

Their first assignment took place from 1954. 251 locomotives were built and used in the Eastern, London, Midland and Western Regions regions.

The axle sequence 1E was chosen after the success of R. A. Riddle’s “Austerity Class” locomotives. The construction of the Class 9F began in the period of upheaval from steam to diesel traction and gave the locomotives a short period of use.

The last 9F Class was taken off active duty 50 years ago in 1968. This was the end of the steam traction in England, which we would like to remember with this beautiful 5 inch real steam model.

The choice of the “Evening Star” as an anniversary model was obvious: The 9F locomotives were among the last steam locomotives still in use. The Evening Star itself was the last steam locomotive built for British Rail. Such an event had to be celebrated. In a ceremony at the Swindon production plant, she was given the remarkable name “Evening Srar” in 1960.

Unlike all other 9F Class locomotives, which were simply painted black and
delivered without a line, the Evening Star received a livery in BR Green and a complete lineage according to old Swindon tradition. Her chimney was fitted with copper plating.

Eighteen months ago, production of the 5 inch model of the “Evening Star” began. Timely to ensure the delivery of the models by October 2019. The first prototype of the Pilot Model can be seen on all illustrations in this brochure.


The anniversary edition of the locomotive is marked by:

  • The frame of each locomotive is provided with an individual number from 001 to 050.
  • The model comes with a 12-month warranty.
  • Buyers of the model will receive a numbered and limited edition of an Evening Star art print. This was done by the Fa. Kingsscale commissioned and signed by the well-known railway – painter Chris Ludlow. The art print represents a value
    of £295.00 and will be handed over to Evening Star buyers for free.
  • Each buyer receives a signed certificate of authenticity about the limitation of the model.