Live Steam Duchess Class 3.5″ Zoll


Summary Specification

Coal-fired live steam

3.5″ gauge

4 Cylinder

Piston Valves

Walschaerts valve gear

Silver soldered copper boiler

Drain cocks

Mechanical lubricator



Stainless steel motion

Boiler feed by axle pump, injector, hand pump

Etched brass body with rivet detail

Safety valves

Choice of liveries

Painted and ready-to-run


LMS Duchess Class

Designed by Sir William A. Stanier the first of these magnificent locomotives was built at Crewe in 1937. With a tractive effort of 40,000lb these 4 cylinder locomotives were extremely powerful and can be seen as a response by LMS to the LNER A4’s, built less than 2 years earlier. In fact many maintain that if it were not for the storm clouds of World War II gathering that the LMS could have snatched the world speed record for steam from the LNER A4 Mallard.

The first locomotives out of Crewe works were originally built as streamliners. Later some were built without streamlining. All of the streamliners were finally re-built in un-streamlined form, and all eventually featured double chimneys. The model offered here is representative of the class as re-built.

The locomotives were produced in a variety of liveries in BR days including maroon, blue and lined green.

The 3.5″ Gauge Model

3.5″ gauge models are built to 1/16th scale and offer a number of advantages over other gauges. It provides the opportunity to own a large express type locomotive at a reasonable size and weight, and the cost is approximately half that of a similar model in 5″ gauge. They are easy to transport and an ideal size for display in the home, or office. A majority of clubs have 3.5″ tracks and the LMS Duchess is capable of pulling a number of adults with ease.

This 4 cylinder, coal-fired, model comes complete with a silver soldered copper boiler, hydraulically tested to twice working pressure. All are CE marked and supplied with a manufacturer’s shell test certificate, and EU Declaration of Conformity. As testament to our confidence in the models we provide a full 12 months warranty on every product. The LMS Duchess model is subject to a limited batch manufacture later this year and order reservations will be accepted on a first come, first served basis.

Additional information

Weight 25 kg