Live steam locomotive in 5 "inches," Evening Star "



EIN MODELL IN MUSEUMSQUALITES UNÜBERTROFFENES PREIS-LEISTUNGS VERHÄLTNIS. The “Evening Star” was a real eye-catcher. So the locomotive will also impress as a 5 inch model with its stately appearance. It is visually successful and very powerful.

Due to its “1E” axle sequence, it is optimized for maximum friction and traction. And with an output of approx. 1.2 hp sufficiently strong.


For this price, they get a great model with a professionally manufactured copper kettle, many wax-fine castings that are completely painted, lined and ready for immediate use. As an option, you can also order the locomotive in black without any lineage, but with your desire numbering.

Original construction

Our models are always our own designs. Our goal is to produce high-quality models at an affordable price. We consider ourselves lucky to have a professional and award-winning model builder as a consultant in Mike Pavie. Our newly established development process aims at the production of high-quality and durable models, produced in individual lots of 50 pieces.


True-cut replica of the original combined with good driving characteristics are main objectives of the design of the model. A good design and manufacture of all individual parts complete the model. The design process begins with the procurement of reliable original documents. Workshop drawings and original photos form the basis.

Additional information

Weight 120 kg
Dimensions 160 × 60 × 60 cm