Bay. Express train coach epoch III of DB

679,00 765,00 



Brass and wood trolleys on a scale of 1:32. Challenged axes, interior lighting either via battery or rail contact. Axes spherical stored. Roof removable.

Additional information

Weight N/A
Epoche III

AB4üBay08 Epoche III 1./2. Klasse, AB4üBay08 Epoche III 1./2. Klasse FS, ABC4üBay11 Epoche III 1./2./3. Klasse, ABC4üBay11 Epoche III 1./2./3. Klasse FS, c4üBay 11 Epoche III 2.Klasse, c4üBay 11 Epoche III 2.Klasse FS, Pw4üBay09 Epoche III Packwagen, Pw4üBay09 Epoche III Packwagen FS


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