7.25″ Gauge Live Steam….
This large scale represents a specialist area of the hobby, but a thriving one. Locomotives can get seriously big with some Standard Class models e.g. Britannia Class, approaching half a metric ton in weight. Some large narrow gauge examples even heavier. As a consequence entry to this market requires serious organisation for the transport and handling of models, but also deep pockets! That said, if you are looking for the ultimate driving experience then 7.25″ gauge could be for you. At 1.5″ to the foot scale you are getting closer to full size. These large locomotives tend to incorporate more prototypical features and the driver’s experience is about as real as it gets in model form.
We have only manufactured one model in this scale to date. The GWR 14xx. This was chosen because it is indisputably a beautiful engine, but in 7.25″ gauge also provides a compact and affordable entry into the larger gauge.

More detailled information on this fine engine can be found here:        Brochure 14xx class final