Unique in several ways the GWR Pannier tank is the balanced design that will adorn your display case or track. Dei 1366 has two exterior cylinders and Stephenson controls. The manageable size and C axle sequence make it an ideal model for customers looking for a relatively lightweight model in 5 “inches, suitable for the narrow radius under 8 meters of a garden track or a club track. The prototype designed by C.B.Collett weighed just 36 tonnes. Only six locomotives were completed and were assigned light-footed shunting, handover and suburban trains. The 1369 has been preserved and still runs on the Dart Valley Railway today. The class was built in Swindon in 1934 and was a modern version of Churchward’s 1361-class saddle tanks, built for use in docks and on routes with strict weight restrictions. Weighing more than 16,000 pounds, these locomotives were more powerful than a series of comparatively large locomotives, such as the 14xx class. The locomotives were painted in GWR green, with Great Western fully advertised on the water tanks.

The model 

Weighing around 35kg, the model offers easy handling and transport. The uncomplicated exterior cylinder arrangement offers reliability and ease of maintenance. We have reserved workshop capacities for the production of 50 models in 2019 with delivery in September this year. After the batch is completed, further deliveries of this model are not scheduled until 2022 at the earliest. With just £5.995.00 + shipping, the 1366 class offers unbeatable value for a brand new, ready-to-use model.

We are happy to deliver your model in your wish number of 1366-71.

Each model has a silver-soldered copper kettle that is CE-labeled and hydraulically tested for double work pressure.

We deliver fully compliant certificates and papers including an EU declaration of compliance. The model is carefully built and, due to customer demand, now has a mechanical lubricant instead of the displacement type of previous models. Before final delivery to our customer, each model will undergo an inspection by Mike Pavie with a 1.5-fold hydraulic boiler test to ensure that there is no leakage to the boiler fittings. The model will also be powered by air as part of the inspection.

We are as thorough as possible in the development phase and manufacturing. Suppliers must agree to comply with our specially written quality standards manual. As a testament to our confidence in the models we supply, we offer a full 12-month warranty on each product.