Founded by William Allchin in 1847 the Globe Works was located by the river Nene in Northampton. The firm built its first steam engine in 1872. 

The firm was incorporated as a limited company at the turn of the century and traded as William Allchin (& sons) Ltd.

The product of the firm was high quality and much admired. However, output was low. There are only circa 20 preserved examples known to have survived, but this represents around 10% of the total production over a 50 year period.

The last Allchin steam engine was built in 1925. The economic depression post World War One putting pressure on the purse strings of key customer segments such as the farming industry.


The Model…

The Allchin in 2″ scale (1/6th) seemed the ideal choice for our first venture into the model steam vehicle market. This finely detailed model measures 35″ in length and weighs 75kg.
The model is delivered ready-to-run, fully painted and lined as illustrated here.

The model comes complete with a silver soldered copper boiler, tested to twice working pressure. The model is traditionally constructed of stainless steel, brass and other quality materials.

Download our colour broschure HERE:SC_Allchin_8pp Brochure_V4_spreads


Further information such as technical data, availability and prices will follow soon….